The Odds of 2021 Outrunning 2020

What can we expect when the clock strikes twelve?

Courtesy of Pixabay

This year has brought a number of unexpected surprises, one of them mainly being a dangerous virus, formally introduced in March, which caused approximately 1.8 million deaths and left a lasting impact on 46 million people. There were ups and downs of this year (mostly downs), so let’s take a look down at memory lane.

Before the introduction of the virus, a popular basketball player, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianna Bryant were killed in a helicopter crash, leaving many people devastated around the world. Murder hornets became another scare to American residents in May as they held the potential to take away a life with a single sting. Around the same time, the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was killed by a police officer, sparked many protests around the world to support the importance of African Americans’ lives. George, Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many other African Americans were the face and trigger of these protests. While small businesses were already suffering under the repercussions of the pandemic, they also had to endure the riots that were a side effect of the Black Lives Movement.

Everyone around the globe was affected by this year one way or another, but the real question is: Will 2021 be any better? The concept of time itself is complicated due to the different outlooks on it, however, the consensus is that long term problems such as COVID-19 will not go away in a year. Considering the economic, social, political damage caused by the virus, America along with the rest of the world could take years to bring its economy back into maintenance. In simple words, all of these problems will not merely go away when the clock strikes twelve. The only thing we have in our hands is our attitude and actions which can help America restore its economy faster as long as everyone follows protocols.

Despite the initial controversy over the effectiveness of masks, the conclusion was the masks should be used as it slows down the spread of the virus. All of the regulations currently followed will be carried on to 2021, however, with the vaccine out, there is a possibility that daily life could get better. A few possibilities include: schools will be reopened with in-person or hybrid learning, large gatherings can take place as well as any non-essential activity if the cases are down. Unfortunately, there might be obstacles in the way, such as the vaccine having an extreme side effect in the long-term ride or people carrying out non-essential activities.

In simple words, life will continue to stay somewhat similar to current conditions in 2021, but we can expect to see small changes that will slowly progress to bigger changes. People who suffered financial issues might start to recover while the ones who lost their job could possibly pick up another one. Moreover, the new year should especially not be taken as an excuse to go to vacations, parties, and gatherings as long as their state discourages it. As long as people follow the protocols and get their vaccinations, 2021 could be the start of the road to recovery.

Newspaper editor